Welcome to Aberdeen’s Digital Learning Hub for parents and carers


Have a look at Aberdeen City Council’s newly refreshed online resource for parents/carers to support learning at home and family health & wellbeing. Full of information, tips and activities to help children thrive during lockdown & beyond.


Here’s a snippet below, but click on the link or the image below to get the full info.

Thanks, everyone. We all hope you’re well.


Welcome to Aberdeen’s Digital Learning Hub for parents and carers. This website is designed to encourage you to build your confidence and knowledge around supporting learning at home. There are helpful tips, links and ideas for learning, supporting parenting and family wellbeing.

Parents and carers have always played a central part in their children’s lives. COVID19 has highlighted how important the parent and carer role is in keeping children and young people healthy, happy, motivated and involved in learning during lockdown.

It doesn’t mean you are expected to be a teacher. The most important thing is to make sure that your children and family are safe and supported to cope with the challenging circumstances.