Nursery Applications for August 2020

Due to COVID-19, there have been many changes to the plans for nursery expansion in August 2020.

Today, the Council shared information with parents of children who are continuing in nursery in August 2020, or starting nursery in the school session 2020-2021.

Please find the information below:

Content of groupcall:

Important update on your Aberdeen City ELC Nursery application.

Please complete this request for information by 5pm on 12/06.

*If you did not receive the groupcall, it means we have the wrong contact number for you. You can still complete your reply using the link above, anyway. However, please do contact the school to update your details if required.
**Please note, the hyperlink takes you to a Google form; you may need to be logged into Google to access this.
***I have posted relevant files below, and pictures of the files (in case you cannot open them), for your information.
**** This information can be found on our Private Facebook Nursery group under the topic “Nursery Applications & Induction”.
Thank you for your patience at this tricky time.
Miss Forbes

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