Parent-Carer Letter – Face Coverings – 4.11.20

Please find attached a letter from Aberdeen City Council regarding Face Coverings at drop off and pick-up.  Parent-Carer Letter – Face Coverings – 4.11.20


Translatable text:

Dear Parents and Carers

On Friday 1st November the Scottish Government published updated guidance for schools on its website.  The guidance outlines how the new tiered system in operation across Scotland will impact on schools.  The service has been considering the implications of the guidance to ensure that schools are well placed, if asked to implement amended restrictions over the coming months.  Further detailed information will be shared with you shortly in relation to this.

You will be aware that Aberdeen City is currently subject to Level 2 restrictions.   The COVID-19 controls already in place in schools largely remain unchanged with a few exceptions.  These include:

  • Primary and early years staff wearing face coverings when moving around communal spaces in schools, unless exempt;
  • An ability to deliver aspects of PE indoors; and
  • The need for parents to wear face coverings during drop off and pick up from school, unless exempt

Schools are currently undertaking the necessary risk assessments to help support decision making around PE and all staff are now wearing face coverings in communal areas, unless exempt.  Where staff require to have closer contact with children and young people a fluid resistant face mask is being worn.

I would really appreciate if you could help us comply with the national guidance by wearing your face covering during drop off and pick up from school with immediate effect.

Many thanks for your continued support of schools over this term.  You will appreciate the challenges faced by staff in implementing updated guidance at pace.  I am extremely proud of the exceptional commitment shown by education staff to ensure the health and safety of school communities is prioritised and know that parents and carers are playing a significant part in supporting school staff.


Yours sincerely

Eleanor Sheppard

Chief Education Officer


This letter and all previous information sent regarding School and COVID-19 can be found on this page:


Thank you for following the new guidance – it is very much appreciated.