Another lovely wee compliment!

Another compliment received via SeeSaw over the weekend:

“Hello Miss Milne, Forbes and Mrs Lemmon; I hope this message finds you well.. I just want to let you know how happy I was today when Miss Milne told me about the Eid story and how [my children] were happy to tell their friends what we did yesterday for our celebration… To be honest I was not expecting all this and we came back home very excited telling to my husband what happened 🙂

I really don’t know how to thank you enough for all the caring and attention that our kids are getting. So, thank you a lot for your very appreciated attention. Myself and my husband are feeling very satisfied and lucky that our children are in Hanover School. Many thanks one more time.

Kind regards


Well done to our nursery team on realising our Early Learners’ Aims, in particular the parts of

  • valuing our cultural diversity
  • providing responsive play experiences and
  • recognising and celebrating successes of our Hanover Street Family!