Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth® Programme

Learning to live with change and loss


Change and loss are issues that affect all of us at some stage in our lives. At Hanover Street School, we recognise that when changes occur in families through death, separation, divorce, moving home and related circumstances, young people may benefit from learning how to manage these changes effectively. We are therefore offering a very successful education programme called Seasons for Growth which will commence this term. 

This programme is facilitated in small groups and is based on research which highlights the importance of social support and the need the practise new skills to cope effectively with change and loss. The programme focuses on issues such as self-esteem, managing feelings, problem-solving, decision-making, effective communication and support networks. 

If your child is invited to attend, you will receive more information home. 

Hanover Street is pleased to be able to offer this important programme and we are confident that it will be a valuable learning experience for those involved. If you require further information please contact Mrs Gray through the school office (01224 569880).