Nursery Recycling

This morning the nursery boys and girls took all of the rubbish to the recycling bins. They were so good we stopped at the park to play for a little…

Dissolving, Sediments and Reactions!

Primary 7 are studying ‘Reversible and Irreversible Changes’. We have investigated mixing materials with water to find out which dissolve, which create a sediment or react to make a new…

Nursery Bears

On a Friday the nursery boys and girls take the nursery bears home to spend the weekend with them. 

Nursery Lending Library

Every Thursday the nursery boys and girls choose a book to take home. We swap the books over every week and have some lovely parent helpers who kindly help us…

Nursery Reading Buddies

       Nursery and primary 4 enjoy sharing stories together every Thursday morning. 

Nursery & P4C Play Afternoon

Primary 4C came to nursery to play with the boys and girls this afternoon. We had a snack together too! 

Pupil Council

We have recently reestablished our Pupil Council at Hanover Street School.  Each class has two representatives who consult with their classes and put forward the thoughts of their classmates. We…

Nursery Reading Buddies

Every week we have been visiting the nursery to read with the nursery children. We absolutely love spending time with our reading buddies!