Give a bee a home!

P2/3 now have more bee hotels to give to anyone who has an outdoor space, and who would like to help bees survive.

Bee hotels provide spaces for solitary bees to nest in. In the UK there are around 220 species of Wild bees, called ‘solitary’ because they make individual nest cells for their larvae. It is these solitary bees that will be attracted to our bee hotels. Some solitary bees are very small and black, so they may not even look like what many of us think of as bees!
The best place to hang a bee hotel is on a south-facing wall, between 30 and 100 cm above the ground and in full sun. Suspend the bee hotel with a slight tilt, so that rain cannot enter the open holes. Sites sheltered from the wind are the best
We suggest you put your bee hotel up in March or early April. This will offer prime nesting sites for solitary bees laying their eggs. You can tell when nests have been built as you will see the ends of the holes sealed with mud or leaves.
Each bee hotel comes with instructions and handy tips. If you can help our bees survive, please place your order with Primary 2/3.’