Colour Changing Carbon Dioxide

Primary 7 continued learning about Global Warming through science, yesterday.

We discussed how CO2 turns water acidic, and how this can be harmful to marine life.

We had to plan our investigation in groups to find out which type of water turned acidic quickest when CO2 was added – salt water or fresh water.

We had to make a hypothesis to what we thought would happen then consider which variable we would change, and what we would have to keep the same. Changing only one thing makes it a Fair Test.

We then used labelled diagrams to show how we set up our experiment. We repeated our experiment to ensure our results were reliable. After carrying out the investigation we recorded our results on a table and found the average time it took each type of water to turn acidic. We found that salt water takes longer to turn acidic than fresh water.


We thought that this may show in real life, marine life in rivers and lakes may be effected quicker than marine life in oceans.


Here’s link to a video of the investigation in action- IMG_3357