Primary 5: All Aboard!

As part of our Titanic topic, we learned about buoyancy in science. We learned that buoyancy is the force that makes things float.

We used an ice cube tray to demonstrate how the Titanic sank. The Titanic had water tight compartments that were meant to make it ‘unsinkable’. But these compartments had a flaw: the bulkheads, watertight walls in the compartments meant to keep water from flooding the rest of the ship, were not tall enough to contain the water in the damaged compartments.

Because these bulkheads were not tall enough water poured over to the other compartments.

We then worked in teams to design and make our own boats out of tin foil. They had to be buoyant.

We tested our boats by putting marbles in. Our winning team’s boat could hold 50 marbles without sinking!