Pupil Council Meeting – Minutes from 6.10.17

Pupil Council Minutes 6.10.17




Pupil Council Minutes

Date of Meeting:  Fri 6.10.17                     Time: 11.00am     Location: Meeting Room


Adults Mr Markey Miss Forbes P4 Eleanor
P2 Samantha P5 Hanna Samuel
P2/3 Cheyenne Leon P6 Dara Thomas
P3 Ibukun Ella P7 Bence Raya


Items Discussed: Action:
1.      Role of Pupil Council Representatives

Mr Markey spoke about the expectations that come with being a Pupil Council Rep.  He said that reps are to be role models and set a good example.

We spoke about:

–          Where this needs to be done – school, classroom, playground, dinner halls, home and community.

–          Who this needs to be shown to – teachers, PSAs, children, family at home, people in the community

–          When – as much as possible.

Mr Markey asked the Pupil Council reps to sign an agreement.  This was like a promise.  Adults call this a contract.


Reps to show and discuss contract in class
2.      Minute taking

Miss Forbes was writing all this down in note form.  She explained that the notes at a meeting were called MINUTES and they meant that we can catch up on things if we forget what we’ve discussed. She will write and type them today but will show the P6 and P7 pupils what and how to do them for next time.  She will also show them how to upload them to the website.


Reps to discuss minutes in class and to keep them safe to look at in the future.


Miss Forbes to create a template for taking minutes and show P6 and P7 pupils.

3.      School Charter

Miss Forbes asked about the School Charter.  The boys and girls know the School Charter very well because of assemblies.  They all have it on display in their class.

Ella talked about it being a circle – never ending and we keep on going – and Eleanor spoke about it being a jigsaw – we need all the pieces to be whole.  Cheyenne knew that it spelt the school’s name: HANOVER ST.

Not many teachers have discussed the school charter in their classrooms though. L

Reps and teachers to refer to School Charter regularly, and discuss how this links with their class charter and different rights.
4.      Class Charters

Most of the children are aware of their class charters.  Some are linked to children’s rights and the word respect was used lots. Thomas mentioned that fixing relationships is important in their charter. J


Teachers to make sure charters link explicitly to children’s rights and to regularly revisit charter so that all children can talk about it.
5.      Positive Relationships and Behaviour Policy

Miss Forbes showed the draft policy.  A policy is what a school or place of work does, but written down. She explained that we are trying to create a new policy and we need the pupils to help.

Positive Behaviours:

All reps told Mr Markey and Miss Forbes about the rewards they receive.  This varies from class to class – dojo, certificates, secret student, prizes, traffic lights, golden time.

P2, 4, 5 & 7 have class dojo.  The children liked being able to see their rewards and the reasons why they were getting points.  Some classes were getting more points than others.

Some classes who use it are linking it with home.  The children and parents like this.

Dojo rewards are also in use.

Negative Behaviours:

Dara and Thomas thought that children should get warnings first and that people should get a chance to learn from their mistakes. Bence thought that maybe people could be kept in at break.  Other reps thought that speaking to parents was a good idea.


Dara mentioned that the PSAs and parents need to know about the policy, not just the teachers.


Agreement on whole school/stage use of reward systems to be made.


Dojo Rewards to be explored.


Choices of rewards/prizes to be discussed.


Miss Forbes to meet with parents who responded to survey.


6.      Recap of meeting

Miss Forbes recapped new, important words for today:




She said that we will need somewhere to display the photos and minutes.

Mr Markey thanked all the reps for a good first meeting with some very responsible and carefully thought answers.


Pupil Council board to be created, displaying photos, minutes, etc.

Each class to have a pupil council folder to store their minutes and to take to meetings.

7.      Next Meeting

Mr Markey and Miss Forbes talked about when our next meeting would be and that we will carry on talking about the points mentioned above.


Date and time to be agreed and shared with reps staff on an AGENDA.