Getting ready for Rwanda – training weekend 1!

I attended a brilliant training weekend in Forres this weekend.

I worked with teachers and and other education workers from around Scotland, exploring the aims of the Global Learning Partnerships Project and the meaning of “Learning for Sustainability.”

This included discussion of:

  • Democracy v Dictatorship
  • Freedom of Speech v Censorship
  • Pros and Cons of Overseas/Foreign Aid

We also learned more about what we will be doing when we get there – planning, creating and delivering training/CPD (continuing professional development) to Rwandan teachers, to help develop education there, to inspire and empower the teachers and of course pupils.

What have I learned so far ?

  • A deepening understanding of what global citizenship is about- developing capacity, connection, teamwork, responsibility, and the role that good quality education plays in building and sustaining this, not only in Rwanda, but at home.
  • The benefits of a strong link between primary and secondary colleagues, both near and far.
  • TALULAR – Teaching and learning using locally available resources. Not everything needs to be ‘all singing and all dancing’, with the best use of modern, digital resources and even the basics of paper! We used cardboard boxes, coffee beans, bottle lids, acting (though certainly not Oscar winning!), sticks and pine cones to deliver our CPD session.

So what?! How will that help me, us, our staff, pupils and communities at Hanover Street School?

  • I’m beginning to think how I can lead/empower and further the learning for sustainability, global citizenship and the core values of these, that already take place across the school, supporting teachers, pupils and families alike. These are important parts of the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland to give our children relevant and meaningful skills for an ever changing world both near and far, now and in the future.
  • Could there be more opportunities to deepen the good links we have with our local primary and secondary schools? This could surely only benefit pupils and staff?
  • The teacher is the best resource… not ICT, not reams of really what is often needless paper, not downloadable worksheets churned off teacher websites, but good quality, well thought out and skilled delivery of clear, well-paced, engaging and differentiated teaching and learning/interventions. I think this is something we can tend to forget in Scotland. This links directly with us working on our environment in the nursery, using ‘loose parts’ and our outdoor environment to support child-led learning.

Didn’t I know this already?!

Yes! But as we all know, there’s a real difference in knowing, ‘thinking’ you know, and really, thoroughly understanding and appreciating.

This weekend was a great opportunity to step back, reflect and remind myself of this.

Some hashtags for this weekend?

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Night night xx

From Miss Forbes, 26/03/2018