Parent Council Meeting Minutes from 31 January 2019

PC MINUTES 31.1.19



Hanover Street School

Parent Council Meeting

Thursday 31 January 2019 @ 3.30pm



Present: Alan Markey (HT), Gillian Forbes, (DHT), Abigail Davies (Chairperson), Jodie Paterson-Gray and Hannah Davidson.


  1. Welcome

            Mr Markey welcomed everyone.



  1. Apologies and matters arising

            Zoe (treasurer)

Miss Forbes to alter email group and share with others to ensure all relevant people receive email.



  1. Head Teacher’s updates


House Logo Competition

Further to last year’s competition of pupils choosing names for the House System in school, this year’s pupil involvement/choice was for logos to be designed for the houses Duthie, Westburn, Seaton and Hazlehead.  Mr Markey has met with the Pupil Council who made their decisions regarding favourite choices.  These were then presented to the Parent Council today, who then narrowed the choice down further, with their favoured options.  Next step is for school staff to have a voice/vote on the best designs, before winner(s) being announced.


Parent Council Membership/Recruitment Drive

Due to various circumstances, we have lost a few members of the Parent Council.  We need more members for it to operate and function well in order that it represents the parent forum as best it can, reflecting the diversity of the school community.  Various “recruitment events” were discussed.  Further information to be given out next week to parents/carers/children.





  1. Treasurer update


No updates – balance and spending, etc, as before.


  1. PTA update


            Jodie would like a list of parents/carers names, numbers and email addresses to be collated for approaching for support re fairs/other fundraising events.  Again, letter and further information to be given out next week.



  1. Chair’s Community Update


      No update.


  1. AOCB





  1. Date and Time of next meeting


To be confirmed