Think2Drink H20 – good hydration is important for health!

New children’s hydration campaign launched

The Scottish Urinary Tract Infection Network (SUTIN+), which is part of Health Protection Scotland’s Community Health Protection Programme, has launched a children’s hydration campaign – Think2DrinkH20 – which aims to highlight the importance of good hydration for children and young people.


Getting the right amount of water can make a difference to the way we all feel, think and function and adults play a vital role in helping children stay hydrated.

The amount of water children need depends on age as well as physical activity and weather – but around six to eight cups/mugs is the ideal amount per day*. Children who don’t consume enough fluid may suffer headaches, poor concentration, low energy, dizziness, constipation and urinary tract infections – as well as poor oral health, dry skin and in babies, an increased heart rate.

Why not download this useful leaflet, letting you know all about spotting the signs of dehydration, and how to prevent/deal with it.