Wow! What a day! Numeracy, literacy, fine motor skills, science, building resilience… and all through PLAY!

We played a game of dominoes! The boys and girls were practising their:

  • counting
  • matching and
  • subitising

Some boys and girls decided to make a domino falling game!

We wrote the initial letters of our name and tried to balance the dominoes around the shape of our letter. This developed our:

  • fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • patience and resilience (we had to giggle when they were knocked down by mistake – not get angry)
  • control of slow movements
  • knowledge of the shape of our letters (straight and curvy lines)
  • knowledge of letters and the alphabet.






We played dominoes, and were looking for letters the same shapes. We learned:

  • matching by shape
  • the sounds that some letters make
  • sounds at the start of words


Music maestros!

Some boys and girls have worked out how to play the start of “Happy Birthday!”



And some super science experiments happened too. The children mixed ingredients to make gas. The gas filled up a glove. We gave the glove a high five!

There were lovely smells too. But you can’t drink it. That’s not safe because it is POISON! (not really, but it could be dangerous…) Well done to our boys and girls learning about mixing and creating, but being safe, and encouraging others to be safe, at the same time.


WOW – What a day!