P1 Children and Parents Lunch Sessions – yummy, yummy, yummy!

This week, mums and dads are joining the Primary 1s in trying out our delicious school lunches.

We showed the boys and girls:

  • where to sit
  • where to line up
  • how to use a big voice when speaking to our lovely dinner ladies Wendy, Debra, Justyna, Klara and Karen who is helping us just now
  • how to carry a heavy tray and balance it well
  • remembering our good manners – using please, thank you and excuse me and
  • how to tidy up at the end!

Well done boys and girls and thank you mums and dads.  Thank you also to Ellie, Larissa and Jade from Primary 5 for fantastic helping. They washed their hands extremely thoroughly before helping to hand out cutlery and drinks.